Partnership contract between ENABEL and AMA CONSTRUCTION BURUNDI

11 February 2022

On 02/10/2022, the Kanyosha Professional Training Center, represented by Mr. HICINTUKA Adrien, Director In partnership with the ACFPT Project of Enabel, represented by Mr. Etienne Rodenbach, Coordinator; Firstly. And the construction company “AMA Construction Burundi”, represented by Mr. ZIED TITECH Director of the East Africa Zone signed on 02/10/2022 a partnership contract as part of a research strategy for strengthening and development of skilled labor in Burundi.

This protocol will initially allow the winners of the previous promotions the possibility of following a professional capacity building training and secondly to start their professional career and this through the positions that AMA CONSTRUCTION will offer to these young graduates on these sites. in Burundi once the training is completed.

The center in question offers vocational training ranging from one year to 4 years in the areas of carpentry, masonry, photovoltaics, electricity and plumbing and many other areas such as car maintenance, ICT and the manufacture of clothing products etc.

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