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AMA GROUP looks to be among world leaders in both delivering digital services

AMA GROUP rethinks the construction industry in the digital era.

Group of companies specialized in construction management and building engineering, A digital orientation provides us the agility and tools to rethink what business they are truly in and extract competitive advantage.

We expand internationally

We integrate complimentary services, allowing us to develop multiple competencies and to broaden our offer to support our clients on an international scale.

Determined to be open to our external environment, we work to promote international expertise.

Our projects cover several areas of the world in Europe and in the Middle East, with a strategic plan for deployment in other areas of the world.

We are modeling the future through digital technology

We believe that digitalization has become an indispensable key to the success of any project.

We accompany you in the concretization of your project thanks to agile processes based on the techniques of digital lean management.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the basis of all management processes in all phases of our projects.

Complementary activities for a global offer.

Each year, we realize several projects: turnkey, subcontracted or in consortium, all over the world.
From the most common to the most complex, all our projects have been designed and executed to meet our clients’ requirements while taking into account the challenges of sustainable development.


Become a performing MULTINATIONAL firm in Engineering and Construction


Digitalize all our processes in an attractive environment, promoting, responsability, initiative, sharings and collaboration between teams


Collaboration, Innovation, Transparency and trust,
Strong Motivation, Involvement in decision making.



Almost 30 years of passion

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