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Since its creation in 1994, AMA GROUP has been committed to adopting an innovative approach that enables it to meet the expectations of its clients. To do this, the office is part of a dynamic of innovation. Its objective is to respond to the challenges of sustainable development and the digital transformation of the construction sector. In this perspective, the office uses tools at the cutting edge of technology to facilitate and optimize the realization of each project. The BIM in 4D, for example, allows to visualize each step of the project through the combination of 3D models, planning the project in place. In addition, stakeholders are able to get a detailed overview of the entire process and stay on top of everything that happens (or can happen) on the construction site. BIM thus makes it possible to coordinate disciplines, stay accurate and take projects from A to Z (from design to manufacturing of energy efficient buildings). This digital solution is also a real help to offer the client the best possible level of detail.


Energy – Mining – Oil & Gas – Pharmaceuticals – Food Industry – Logistics and other industries



Banks – Education – Hotels – Health, clinics and hospitals – Shopping malls and sport complexes – Administrative buildings and offices



Roads / Bridges / Railway structures / Urban development / Hydraulics


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L’instant BIM !

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Comment la solution BIM pour la conception du bâtiment permet de coordonner les disciplines, de rester précis et de faire passer les projets de A à Z  (de la conception à la fabrication des bâtiments à haute efficacité énergétique).

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Suivez une stratégie BIM !

Le BIM en 4D nous permet de visualiser chaque étape du projet à travers la combinaison des modèles 3D, en planifiant le projet mis en place. De plus, les parties prenantes sont en mesure d’obtenir un aperçu détaillé de l’ensemble du processus et de rester au-dessus de tout ce qui se passe (ou peut se passer) sur le chantier.

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