AMA GROUP nearly 30 years of history, 30 years of know-how.

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Since 1994

AMA GROUP rethinks the construction industry in the digital era.

AMA GROUP’s history is the vision of a global and sustainable company, empowered by a team work environment. Since its creation in 1994, AMA GROUP has been committed to the use of new technologies, high quality services, the spirit of sharing and collaboration, and the development of new talents.


Founding of AMA GROUP


Implementation of the ISO 9001 system

The success of great companies depends fundamentally on a well-run process. Since 1998, we have been ISO 9001 certified and we continue to evolve to answer the challenge. We have adopted a new working technique in order to cultivate and enrich the culture of our methods.

Construction activities are launched.

After a long experience in engineering and project management, we have acquired great skills and know-how, mastering multiple fields in the construction sector. As part of a planned strategy, we have launched AMA Construction on the field of the sector, using an efficient collaborative BIM system to maintain the long-term success of our company. From the simplest to the most complex construction projects, we ensure rigorous execution and acceptance in compliance with QSSE standards and the deadline / budget ratio.

Integration of BIM in our processes

Since 2012, we have started to revolutionize the development of our projects, focusing on concepts based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the reengineering of our processes.

ERP integration

In order to face the multinational evolution, AMA GROUP has started a migration to the world leader in ERP-SAP in its S4-HANA version, in view of harmonizing the information systems between our branches and activities. Our projects are controlled via a dual platform: BIM and SAP (S4-HANA).

Business diversification AMA GROUP

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